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Menu "The Faixero"

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Since 1978 our kitchen combines tradition with a different and innovative touch.

Since 1978 our kitchen combines tradition a different and innovative touch., without forgetting the old recipes of this charming town. Some of the most recognized menus are El Faixero tasting, the Truffle menu or the tapas menu.

The Faixero has two dining rooms, decorated with contrasts of noble materials such as stone, wood and iron. Comfortable spaces where you can feel comfortable and at ease to enjoy good cuisine.

The Faixero Anem de Tapes

At El Faixero you will be able to taste different menus such as “El Faixero”, “Tasting”, and some seasonal products such as truffles or fungi. Our kitchen has been built on more than 30 years since we first opened the old Ring (1978).

We also have a catering service, where we offer you the restaurant service, waiters, decoration, tables, chairs, etc.

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Cold Starters


  • “Faixero” Salad

  • Lettuces , Tender Cheese, Apple, Tomato, Apple, Balsamic Vinegar) Ham, Beef Jerky from Todolella and Pastor's Cheese

  • Beef Carpaccio with Sheep Cheese

  • ....

Hot Starters


  • Baked Camembert Cheese Timbale (Grated Truffle and 3 Jams)

  • Varied Mushrooms with Habitas and Garlic Tender

  • Truffled Mushroom Pancakes

  • Grandma's Style Croquettes

  • Crunchy Squid in Lemon

  • ...

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