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Village Bread With Tomato And "All i Oli"  

Appetizer of the house

FIRST (to choose)

Vegetable tower with goat cheese, pesto and fig jam  (eggplant, red pepper, zucchini and onion)

Caesar salad

White asparagus with ham

Warm mushroom and bacon salad

Escalivada timbale with anchovy and soft cheese

Soup with ball

Soup with fritters

Cinctorran pot

Spinach crepe with brie cheese and gouda sauce

Grilled vegetables


SECOND (to choose)

Iberian pork cheek in its juice

½ Iberian knuckle with demi-glace sauce
Grilled beef churrasco
Mild pickled quail

Pig trotters in almond sauce
Grilled beef steak

Grilled lamb (chops, leg, kidney)

Grilled pork loin

Grilled pig trotters

Pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce

Gilt-head bream on the back

Squids at "Andaluza" style

DESSERTS (to choose)

Cheesecake with raspberry ice cream

Chocolate coulant with vanilla ice cream

Creme caramel with cream

Cheese soup with red fruits and raspberry ice cream


fruit of time  

Cream cheese panna cotta with passion fruit

sheep's milk curd

Cottage cheese with honey and walnuts


Scoops of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, oreo, nougat or marie biscuit)

Price per person: €20.00  VAT included
Drinks not included

The menu will be served to the full table, except children.

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