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Traditional lounge

Quiet and cozy space with a traditional fireplace to relax and enjoy good company.

Equipped with fireplace, armchairs, table, TV, games ... in the tradition hotel building.

Traditional Living Room
Outside terrace

Terrace / Garden where you can enjoy the good weather or a dinner outdoors, surrounded by trees and flowers


Glazed space, integrated into the garden, very cozy and ideal for reading, games, relaxation, small meetings or watching television

Equipped with fireplace, armchairs, tables, 46 "TV, games ... next to the restaurant.


Here you can have a soft drink, a snack or a casual dinner. Equipped with 36 "TV

El Faixero-terraza_01.jpg
Roca Parda Room

Multipurpose room for projections, presentations, courses, company meetings, configurable to customer needs. Heated.

Equipada con una gran pantalla de 2 x 3,5 m, sistema Equipped with a large 2 x 3.5m screen, audio system, seats and tables. Can form common space with attached rooms.

Pla Cervera Room

Air-conditioned multipurpose room, with the possibility of being used as a reading room, playroom, TV room, cocktails or meetings.

It has an audio / video installation, chairs and tables, a TV and  bar. It can form a common space with the Roca Parda and Reception Rooms.