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Valencian Community Travel Voucher: Viatgem

El Faixero has joined the new Travel Bonus of the Valencian Community, Viatgem. This initiative is very interesting for the travelers of our autonomy, since the adherents will benefit from discounts of up to 70%. The requirements that must be met are to be of legal age, a resident of the Valencian Community and be enrolled in this program.

What is the Valencian Community Travel Bonus?

The purpose of the Valencian Community Travel Voucher is that through direct aid, residents of the Valencian Community make tourist trips within this region. Direct aid will cover 70% of the eligible costs, with a maximum of € 600 per CV Travel Voucher. The concession regime of this will be by order of formalization of conforming reservations in tourist accommodation and travel agencies adhered to the Program. The Valencian Community Travel Voucher covers a minimum stay of 2 nights in participating tourist accommodation, such as El Faixero. Other subsidized services are the following: * Maintenance, maximum up to half board * Other services provided with the establishment's own means, such as sports services.

In what periods can the Bonus be enjoyed?

Depending on the period in which you want to travel, you must request the voucher within a specified period, not before:

  • To travel between October 20 and December 31, 2020, the voucher is requested between October 20 at 12 noon and December 20.

  • To travel between January 1 and March 24, it is requested between January 1 at 12 noon and March 19, 2021.

  • To travel between October 13 and December 31, 2021, the request must be made between October 13 at 12 noon and December 20 of next year.

How to apply for registration?

In this link you can find all the information and process the adhesion to the Valencian Community Travel Voucher Program:


More information: - Royal Decree:



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