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El Faixero, an example of promoting sustainable rural culture for the Provincial Council and the Gen

Yesterday we lived a day to remember. El Faixero is one of the six establishments in the province of Castelló that is part of the new "Sustainable Tourism Network of Castelló", presented under the slogan "Impulsant el nostre interior" and that is a project of the Valencian Association of the Economy of the Common Good. This initiative recognizes establishments that are an example of a sustainable tourism model and that respect the culture and traditions of our peoples.

Joaqui Deusdad highlighted that "the inclusion of El Faixero in this network is a prize for us, because it recognizes all the work that we have been doing for four decades, betting on quality rural tourism". So he added that "yesterday's event was very special for us and it is an honor to be part of this network that aims to empower companies that work to promote sustainable rural culture."

This project highlights the following good sustainability practices carried out by El Faixero: - Environmental: all the electrical energy we consume is 100% of green origin and we use biomass for heating the Hotel El Faixero Evolución and for the restaurant's dining room - Social: we offer work to a stable team to combat depopulation and promote labor inclusion - Economic: we reinvest 100% of the profit in the constant improvement of the business and more than 80% of the purchases are from local products



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