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Bread with tomato and virgin olive oil

STARTERS (to share in the center)

- Faixero Salad (with apple, nuts, soft cheese )

- Charcuterie and cheese board

- Mushroom crepes

- Crispy squid with lemon

To finish (individual)
- Grilled lamb chops

DESSERTS (to choose)

Sheep milk curd
Cottage cheese with honey and nuts

Cheesecake with raspberry sorbet ice cream
Chocolate coulant with vanilla ice cream
Cream cheese panacotta and passion fruit
Egg custard with cream
Cheese soup with red berries and raspberry sorbet ice cream
Strawberries with cream
Artisan yogurt from "Els Masets"

Natural pineapple
Fruit of the time (consult)
Ice-cream balls(vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, nougat or Maria biscuit)


Price per person: €25.00  VAT included

*Those guests who have contracted half board include the house wine.

The menu will be served for a full table.

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