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Upendra 2 Telugu Movie Free Download Kickass




The film is a remake of the 2012 Spanish film El Internado. The film was released on 17 December 2015. Plot Shiva and Lakshmi (Ashish Sharma and Shruti Sharma) are two patients in a mental institution who do not show any signs of recovery. After six months of therapy and observations, Dr. Rajagopal (Vinay) informs them that they have been given four years of therapy to get back to a normal life. Rajagopal explains how their symptoms have got worse after a recent visit from a person named Maarichan (Vidyadharane). Ganesh and Ammu (Rajalakshmi) are a couple who have been married for 15 years. After a brief argument, Ganesh leaves the house to work. While Ganesh is at work, Ammu gets infuriated with the children, and yells at them. She tells the children to mind their own business and then goes to see Ganesh at the work place. She asks Ganesh why she is seeing him when he was supposed to be at work. Ganesh explains that he was going to watch a horror movie and he was late. Ammu gives Ganesh a red rose and tells him that he should take care of his health. Ganesh then feels the rose and discovers that it is damaged. He tells Ammu that the rose is not damaged but he himself is getting worse. The couple comes home and Ganesh begins to understand what it is like to suffer from mental illness. He goes to sleep at Ammu's side and tries to sleep, but he wakes up again. He feels strange and starts to question if he should tell his wife. He remembers a dream where a man is strangling him. He runs and grabs Ammu but then a woman is standing in front of him. Ammu explains that the woman has been stalking Ganesh. Ganesh then calms down and goes to sleep. He awakens and tells Ammu that he is convinced that the woman is a patient at the institution. He says that he is sure that he met her on his way home. He wants to visit her at the institution and speak with her. At the institution, the nurse (Rathnakar) tells Maarichan (Vidyadharane) about Ganesh's visit. Maarichan asks about his wife and when the nurse tells him that she is at home, Maarichan




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Upendra 2 Telugu Movie Free Download Kickass

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